Token Capital Management (Cayman) Ltd is a funds management, investment and advisory platform. TCM provides a gateway for investors seeking access to a unique suite of digital asset funds with a rigorous governance framework and controls infrastructure. We engage global service providers including, KPMG, Mainstream Fund Services, Sterling Trust, Stuarts Walker Hersant & Humphries and Hogan Lovells US LLP to deliver bespoke solutions for our clients. TCM provides investors with direct access to best in class investment opportunities and diversified product offerings.

About us

TCM and its partners leverage their significant global asset management, financial services, regulatory, blockchain advisory & development and fund expertise to offer a portfolio of actively managed strategies focused on core thematics in the blockchain ecosystem.

Fundamentally, TCM focuses on generating high quality returns by engaging leading trading teams with unique expertise while managing exposures in order to limit volatility across the portfolio. The EKT Fund looks to generate significant returns for investors seeking alternative investment exposure to the digital asset class.

TCM management platform provides an umbrella for fund managers looking for an institutional grade operating infrastructure, thus enabling portfolio managers to focus on delivering returns and servicing their investors.

TCM works with an array of high quality providers, as part of its advisory function, to deliver bespoke solutions for companies, individuals and decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs).

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Partners & Service Providers