Grasshopper is a Venture Capital Fund which believes that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are the next cycle in the technology evolution that began with the microprocessor. We look to invest in blockchain based infrastructure projects that are building the marketplace of the future, leveraging our significant experience across venture capital, financial markets and risk infrastructure. We invest in Seed and Series A projects, with a 5 to 7 year investment horizon and working closely with founders to commercialise projects through to an optimal exit.
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The fund aims to offer wholesale, accredited investors with outright exposure to the blockchain ecosystem through a liquid, low fee structure. The fund allocates risk to the top seven tokens, via a strict methodology, from a defined population of liquid tokens. At any one time, the fund will invest between 70% and 100% of total assets under management. The quantitative approach to risk allocation ensures that the fund is always fully invested during periods of heightened positive price momentum, but reduces risk during periods of below average price action.

The TCM Momentum Tracker fund is focused on long term capital appreciation and offers monthly liquidity.
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A quantitative strategy running a portfolio of algorithms, each uniquely developed to outperform during various market condtions. The strategy dynamically allocates capital between strategies to maximise alpha and risk-adjusted investment performance.

Predictive Long/Short (PLS): predictive, momentum driven long/short model identifying high-probability short-term trends.

Ensemble Price Prediction (MLR): leveraging an ensemble of sub-models to increase the prediction accuracy regarding price direction and magnitude change.

Sentiment Analysis (SRX): sentiment-driven model to detect long-term price action by quantifying market interest and flows.

Blockwater Asia Global Blockchain (“BAGB”) fund is a digital asset LP fund focused on blockchain companies around the world — with a special focus on Korea — fully structured with a fund custodian, administrator, legal advisors and external auditors. BAGB will actively manage its investments in pre-ICO deals, equity investments and trading of major cryptocurrency assets. It aims to achieve long-term capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio, focused on fundamentals underpinned by a maturing sector.

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