David Richardson – Director

David Richardson began his professional career in the investment business over 20 years ago, working for one of Canada’s preeminent investment houses; Walwyn, Stodgell, Cochrane and Murray (now Merrill Lynch Canada). In 1987, he joined the Bank of Bermuda in Bermuda as Portfolio Manager, where he personally oversaw the management of in excess of $350 million for the Bank’s top tier clientele. Since 2005, he has served as President and CEO of Mid-Ocean Consulting Ltd., which guides both institutions and individuals on sophisticated international structuring and private placement insurance related strategies. He has personally overseen the placement over a half a billion dollars of private placement premium. Mr. Richardson has authored and/or co-authored a number of articles on subjects relating to U.S. and international taxation and asset protection, including Asset Protection Revisited and most recently U.S. Tax Planning for Passive Investments published by the American Law Institute in 2013. He is a graduate of the ABA sponsored National Trust School at Northwestern University as well as possessing a number of present and past professional affiliations including a Member of STEP, the ITPA and the Bahamas International Insurance Association.

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