An investment manager, distribution partner & fund platform

Investment Approach

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality returns to our investors in the alternative investment industry with a specific focus on digital assets.

Our trading teams and partners drive alpha in their portfolios by independently focusing on specific opportunities and key thematics in the digital asset space, subject to their overall risk management frameworks. We empower our trading teams to focus on unique opportunities, as well as dynamically risk managing portfolios, to maximise returns while minimising losses.

Institutional Strategies

TCM Global Asset Management deploys multiple strategies across our portfolio of opportunities. We partner with traders, portfolio managers and strategies with proven track records and specialised skills in their areas of focus.

Our current strategies include;
– Venture Capital focused Seed and Series A investing
– Liquid delta-one thematic driven strategies. Focused on driving returns with a long bias
– Momentum focused strategies
– Liquid long/short strategies
– Algorithmic strategies across the blockchain ecosystem

World Class Infrastructure

We operate an institutional grade platform that enables funds within the TCM ecosystem to focus on their core strategies within a rigorous control environment.

Our governance structure remains best in class. We work closely with the funds on our platform to ensure that governance is a key component to their risk infrastructure. Within the TCM Momentum Tracker Fund, the Investment Risk Committee proactively monitors and assesses firm wide risks, the Operational Risk Committee monitors areas of non-financial risk and the Business Continuity Committee oversees technological redundancies and disaster recovery capabilities. All three are key components of a risk management environment structured to generate quality returns for our investors.

Portfolio Construction

TCM evaluates investment strategies to suit your risk appetite and preferred exposure to digital assets. We do this primarily via our primary fund offerings, however we are also able to assist institutional investors to construct their own portfolios, complementing their existing or anticipated holdings.

We recognise that some institutional investors may prefer to hold their investment portfolios entirely within their own risk infrastructure, to facilitate client and regulatory reporting. TCM provides a white labelled solution to enable full service investment managers to continue to provide their clients with alpha generating strategies and diversified returns.